Senin, 30 Mei 2016

Revello's 'Party Hardly' EP Re-release On Tapes!

YES another good news is that we're gonna put out an EP of Norwich's folk punk favourite, Revello, 'Party Hardly'! If you haven't noticed them yet, Revello is folk punk collective led out by Block Fort's front guys Liam and Laura Ankles. For the fans of such folk punk act like Onsind, Ramshackle Glory, and other Plan-It-X stuffs, Revello is a good stuff you should hear.

Upcoming Saturday Night Karaoke EP! (You Better Anticipate This Shit Seriously!)

Aha! So this will be 3/4 news being posted in this site. Okay hopefully I have enough cash to put out this whole records haha! And this is the shit you should wait about, upcoming Saturday Night Karaoke's EP! And this time they're going so much pop than ever! And that means totally good and fukken worth to wait about. And we're gonna put this out on cd-r co-release with our dear stable, Gawking Geek Music.

Ps : Thanks to Yoshi The Nerdy Jugheads and Makiko of Pelotan for doing the pose!

Upcoming The Sneakers' EP!

Well it is such a surprise that we're gonna put stuffs from Kuta Ramonescore Badass Luchadores, THE SNEAKERS! It's actually funny about how we made a deal. I was stranded in Bali few weeks ago with my lovely wife and got nothing to do, so I asked Eko that I'd like to meet him and buying The Sneakers tees but unfortunately he was out of town and suddenly ask me to put out The Sneakers' records and in reflect I was typing 'Why Not!'. That's how the strange deal made.

Cant Be Patient To Wait For Take's 2nd EP!

Well... 2016 is probably our very productive year and we proudly to announce you that we're gonna put out Take's 2nd EP YAY! Recently, these couple are on their way to record the stuff now. Btw check out their 1st EP as well and it's free downloaded now on their bandcamp. For the fans of some indie punk stuffs like Mixtapes, Shit Presents, Chumped, you should not miss to hear Take.

Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

Our Very First Gig Evah : Diving Popsault

Finally with an 'empot-empotan' financial condition over the label. We do a gig YAY! And this is the first one ever and small gig as well but really hope could be a warm yet intimate gig. Oh ya one thing really expected everyone will the donate some $$$ for 'Sekolah Bisa'.

Rizkan Records Presents
May 21st 2016
at Woodstock Studio
Jl H Rean No 52, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan
(For details please use google map)
Doors Open :
03.00 PM (Yes it is a day gig)
Featuring :
Aggi - Bekasi's Deadliest Hi-Flyer Indiepop Faction
My Gosh - Emo Folk Submission Advanced from Bekasi
Eleventwelfth - Sad Punk Barbed Wire Specialists from East Jakarta
Rekah - Ministry of Darkness' Most Emo Decendents
Tarrkam - Number 1 Contender of Intercontinental Hardcore Punk Championship
Take - Pamulang's Indie Punk TLC Specialists
The Spikeweed - Mampang's Ramonescore Heel
Silent Love - Ciputat's Most Favourable Indiepop Face
Any Notices You Should Know :
- No tickets will be available!!! Buuutttt please be kindly bring any cashes to be donated to 'Sekolah Bisa'. Getting to know about the org further?? Feel free to log on to this site
- The venue guys not letting Us for using DSLR camera inside, so please just use the phone insted (It sucks I know).
Supported By :
- Radio Hey Ho! (Jobber webzine from Cipondoh)
- Wastedrockers (Vote Dede for the heavyweight biang indie championship)
- Wezternative (This pop punk webzine rulz really hard)
- We.Hum Collective (Thanks for providing the band)