Selasa, 06 September 2016

Saturday Night Karaoke Being A Four Get Me A Nots Opening Act!

Hi! Just wanna let you know that our dearest friends, Saturday Night Karaoke, gonna be an opening act for a real good J-Punk act, Four Get Me A Nots, for Bandung chapter! Such an honour for us as friends and seeing the band do a set on a bigger stage. You can see the whole details on the flyer!
Go buy the tickets and ask Prabu to play a Ging Nang Boyz' cover 'I Dont Wanna Die' for me if you're kind enough :3

Senin, 08 Agustus 2016

Rizkan Records' Mix On Frequency Asia

Hi! Its been a long time this site for being updated lol! As you know that this label now is on much project to go actually. And one day Luke of Frequency Asia asked me through mail to compose a mix for one of Frequency Asia's show and voila here it is!
The mix contains some good friends with good music and local heroes. For the details of songs, please kindly go to this site.

Selasa, 14 Juni 2016

Out Now! Martha Full Length 'Courting Strong' On Tapes

Artist : Martha
Album  : Courting Strong
Price  : Rp 25.000 for each & Rp 20.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

Whoa! Finally after having such a pretty long recession, financially and time of course, we would like to present you a re-release of Martha's tape 'Courting Strong'. This tapes contains 10 tracks from previously being released by Fortune Pop! and Salinas Records.
If you havent heard Martha before, well let just say they totally bring you a perfect mixture of indiepop sound and pop punk when the guys behind the project itself is considered has been on the scene with some bands like Onsind or No Ditching.
This tapes features Rizkan Newsletter #4 as well containing a lyrics essay of 'Courting Strong' album written by our good pal, Trian Solomon.

Side A :
01. Cosmic Misery
02. 1997, Passing In The Hallway
03. Present, Tense
04. Dust, Jiuce, Bones, and Hair
05. Bubble In My Bloodstream
06. Move To Durham and Never Leave
Side B :
06. Gin and Listerine
07. Sleeping Beauty
08. 1967, I Miss You, I'm Lonely
09. So Sad (So Sad)

*Including The Digital Download Code and Rizkan Newsletter Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email -
BBM - 51843585

Senin, 30 Mei 2016

Revello's 'Party Hardly' EP Re-release On Tapes!

YES another good news is that we're gonna put out an EP of Norwich's folk punk favourite, Revello, 'Party Hardly'! If you haven't noticed them yet, Revello is folk punk collective led out by Block Fort's front guys Liam and Laura Ankles. For the fans of such folk punk act like Onsind, Ramshackle Glory, and other Plan-It-X stuffs, Revello is a good stuff you should hear.

Upcoming Saturday Night Karaoke EP! (You Better Anticipate This Shit Seriously!)

Aha! So this will be 3/4 news being posted in this site. Okay hopefully I have enough cash to put out this whole records haha! And this is the shit you should wait about, upcoming Saturday Night Karaoke's EP! And this time they're going so much pop than ever! And that means totally good and fukken worth to wait about. And we're gonna put this out on cd-r co-release with our dear stable, Gawking Geek Music.

Ps : Thanks to Yoshi The Nerdy Jugheads and Makiko of Pelotan for doing the pose!

Upcoming The Sneakers' EP!

Well it is such a surprise that we're gonna put stuffs from Kuta Ramonescore Badass Luchadores, THE SNEAKERS! It's actually funny about how we made a deal. I was stranded in Bali few weeks ago with my lovely wife and got nothing to do, so I asked Eko that I'd like to meet him and buying The Sneakers tees but unfortunately he was out of town and suddenly ask me to put out The Sneakers' records and in reflect I was typing 'Why Not!'. That's how the strange deal made.

Cant Be Patient To Wait For Take's 2nd EP!

Well... 2016 is probably our very productive year and we proudly to announce you that we're gonna put out Take's 2nd EP YAY! Recently, these couple are on their way to record the stuff now. Btw check out their 1st EP as well and it's free downloaded now on their bandcamp. For the fans of some indie punk stuffs like Mixtapes, Shit Presents, Chumped, you should not miss to hear Take.