Sabtu, 04 November 2017

Out Now Felix! (The Band) / Saturday Night Karaoke Split 'Yes Band Photo Tape Vol 01'

Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke / Felix! (The Band)
Album : Split ' Yes Band Photo Tape Vol 01'
Price : Rp 25.000 for each & Rp 20.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

Finally unleashed a pop punk split nuke from Saturday Night Karaoke and Felix! (The Band)! This split tape contains 12 new songs for each band as Felix! represent a better and more melodious song writing since their debut full length and Saturday Night Karaoke presents you a more poppy stuffs. Nuff said these both bands is at its best on this stuff.
To date, this is the stuff Saturday could ever put since the band disbanded months ago on Felix! Indonesian tour. This is a second press since the first one is out by Geekmonger Records and sold out and CD is available via Waterslide Records. Grab it while you can!

Side A (Felix!) :
01. Back To You
02. I'm Always All Alone
03. Job
04. Pop Punk Records
05. Baby Dont Love Me No More
06. Took 18 Minutes To Write This One (Saturday Night Karaoke Cover)

Side B (Saturday Night Karaoke) :
01. Rizkan Records Corporate Anthem
02. Bam Bam Bam
03. D(((o)))rama Free Youth
04. SSFLMD Final
05. Ikanai!
06. Everywhere You Go (Felix! Cover)

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Jumat, 01 September 2017

Just Signed My Own Band, (((ACHE)))

I just signed my own band for an EP soon! Thats it! Period! Bye!

Yes We Just Signed Whitenoir Fellas!

Heyya! Happily we announce you that we just signed a new band from Malang, Whitenoir! Holy moly I just cant believe that I just signed this band up. So we're gonna put out their full length on tapes hopefully this year.
FYI few of them were being active in Malang scene with Ekki being known playing for a post hardcore band as well, Shewn. And if you havent heard them yet, I can describe that they're on a good mix between Nirvana and Hot Water Music. You got what I mean dont you??? Hear their sounds on their previous EP below.

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017


First we gotta say that this post is like a 'BOOM!' to this shitty ass tiny label cause we're gonna put out Aggi's discography! Yea its like no more sweeties compared on this earth than putting out records from one of ur favourite thing on earth! And this will be out on Cd-r on fukken cheap price I promise you.
Anyway the bandcamp thing is out first and the physical one will be released on August 11th 2017 on Felix! Jakarta leg tour. Dont buy the shit from ur bandcamp I tell ya!


Another fukking suprising moment is that we have a great Japanese friend crashing on our place, FELIX!, yes these lovely boys gonna do a short tour this August on three different places. You can see the flyers and the details as posted below.
And also bring some extra cashes cause they're gonna put out some extra merches to support the tour. See you arround!

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

Out Now Peruvian Necktie 'I'll Leave The Door Unlocked' Single FOR FREE!!!

Artist : Peruvian Necktie
Album : I'll Leave The Door Unlocked
Price : Free As Fukk

For his love of pop punk music and his obsession over The Starting Line, Avinnala Yunus wrote a song and record it all by himself with the help of AION Studio and Yutsi P to do the producing thingy. The debut single (with a music video) of Peruvian Necktie, his new band name, has been released digitally under Rizkan Records. 
Peruvian Necktie itself, for now, only consist of Avinnala Yunus who currently seek for another band member to join forces. The idea of the band name came from his obsession over MMA sports, and it is one of the technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a unique one used by Peruvian BJJ competitor.
This debut single is a modified story of Neil Hillborn's poetry titled "OCD" which ended tragically. But this song is a happy ending version of the story.
Peruvian Necktie's music is and going to be all pop punk with personal lyrics (or should I say a few portion of emo influences) with influences like The Wonder Years, The Starting Line, The Get Up Kids, Modern Baseball, Into It. Over It., Snowing, The Dangerous Summer, etc. The band hope to release their first EP by the end of the year if the savings all good.

Tracklist :
01. Peruvian Necktie

Senin, 13 Maret 2017

Out Now Revello 'Party Hardly' EP On Tapes!

Artist : Revello
Album : Party Hardly
Price : Rp 25.000 for each & Rp 20.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

Finally we are proud to tell you all that been unleashed ur next catalogue from one of ur lovely friends from far north, Revello! For you who hasnt noticed yet, Revello is a folk punk project initiated by Block Fort guitarist', Liam, with some friends backed up for the additional instrument.
The EP contains 5 songs in total that will present you a good folk punk tunes. Well if you're such a fan of Plan-It-X catalogues, this might be a good records you should put into your records shelf!

Tracklist (Repeated On Both Sides) :
01. Saltwater
02. Banjaxed
03. Hedera
04. TLH
05. Bonus Track

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