Sabtu, 12 November 2016

Out Now Saturday Night Karaoke x Grim Deeds - Split Tapes!

Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke x Grim Deeds
Album  : Split
Price  : Rp 25.000 for each & Rp 20.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

So glad that we finally produce another crap that you're gonna buy #Duh, and this time we have our great roster, Saturday Night Karaoke, does a split with the abyss pop punk lord, Grim Deeds. I guess I'm only about to tell you who Grim Deeds is cause mostly I bet you already known for what Saturday Night Karaoke sounds like. Grim Deeds is a productive pop punk lord from the abyss of Foster City, US, who has put out 6 full fukkin lengths in a fukkin year! Holy leviathan that shit I could describe you about how productive this lord is!
This tape contains 7 trax in total and one speech on the B side is filled by John Jughead (YES ITS JOHN JUGHEAD OF SCREECHING WEASEL GOT OUR FUKKIN BACK!). Buy or die!

Side A :
01. Intro Mall Choir
02. Grim Deeds - Hisashi (Pop Punk Sensei)
03. Saturday Night Karaoke - Cyanide Lads Club
04. Grim Deeds - (((Japanese Words)))
05. Saturday Night Karaoke - H.B.K
Side B :
06. Grim Deeds - The Grimmest Of Deeds
07. Saturday Night Karaoke - Audio Collage 101 (How To Record Secretly A Nonsense Conversation Between Your Friends & New Japanese Transfer Students)

*Including The Digital Download Code and Rizkan Newsletter Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email -

Rabu, 02 November 2016

Coming Soon! Saturday Night Karaoke x Grim Deeds The Vnholy Split

Ok! So the next stuff we're gonna have a split tape of Saturday Night Karaoke and Grim Deeds. In summary this is our 25th cataloges after several months operating ons this such a fukked up world. Ain't gonna tell ya about how good Saturday Night Karaoke is, in fact FTFO Descendents or The Ergs, sooner or later you're gonna put a 'like' on their facebook page. Aannnddd Grim Deeds, first you gotta behold your mind on putting out the questions 'Who the F@!# this guys is?!' cause Grim Deeds is a super-productive-pop-punk lord from the abyss of Foster City. None of us shall ever denied its productivy for putting out 6 vnholy full length in a one filthy year aarrrggghhh!
This split will be out on tape format including the download code inside for the 21st century digitalboy who deserve the split in digital format.

Selasa, 01 November 2016

Out Now! San-Ei/Whyvu Split For Free Download!

Artists : San-Ei & Whyvu
Album : Miyagi's Death Blow
Price : Its Absolutely Free Fellaz!

Hell, I can say that this is one of a so called return catalogue from the label after couple of months being productively release nothing lol. And San-Ei is return! Though you know this guy is totally crap big timely and making its return by doing a split with Whyvu. So who the hell is Whyvu?? Whyvu is a moniker solo project of Brian Saturday Night Karaoke in order of releasing its beast toward idol scene.
And for this one, you guys no need to pay anything for this stuff, its absolutely free! And we dont produce it on physical for this one. And thanks for listening aaannndd thanks again for being patient enough to hear our crappy tunes.

01. San-Ei - Larry
02. Whyvu - Say Something
03. Whyvu - Smileing (Shimamura Uzuki Cover)
04. San-Ei - Ache (Jawbreaker Cover)

Download Link :