Selasa, 16 Juni 2015

Saturday Night Karaoke's MV "Coffeeeeeeaaarrrggghhh"

Okay so here it is another uuummm let say a kickin-ass-wrecking-nose promotional music video for Saturday Night Karaoke's next album "Slurp!". And the single "Coffeeeeeeaaarrrggghhh" is taken to represent the album. As you can see they took the vid on the nearest tukang bakso mangkal place which is totally economic yet artistic (Aha! It that it kid? Awkay!). So there you go enjoy the vid!

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015


Another good good news to come is WE'RE GONNA RELEASE SOMETIMES ALWAYS COMPLETE RECORDINGS. Cant be more happy to announce this! It is such a suprising thing that we're gonna put up Sometimes Always recordings on tape and actually Tyo has contact me 4-5 months ago during The Porno showcase and whose head gonna resist this such moments! And I'm actually kinda feeling myself too shitty to recieve this such offers.
Buuuttt... Fuck all those shits, I win big this time! TOTALLY! (Hey please straight up to the shit, we dont need your bullshit pouring heart words). Aaannndd my friend, Bagus Bagong, gonna do the artwork and layout on this. Go check all his works at
And to be informed that we're gonna put up this tape after lebaran day. So stick up your nose for this!

Coming Really Soon In A Couple Months! Saturday Night Karaoke's "Slurp!"

Oh yeah! Such a long long BC time that the site is not being updated. Awkay and now we're gonna do some postings about the upcoming Saturday Night Karaoke's album that being revealed entitled "Slurp!". And what you see above is the cover design of the album. And also we gotta inform you as well that the album has also being included with a bundling package with two types and those are CD+Tape+Tees and Tape+Tees but we gotta say so much sorry that the bundling package has been out of quota. And the tees are made as fit as the quota being added. It's 24 pieces. But there would be a chance as if there's anyone who were failed for the pre order transaction.
And then as the news going on the air that the CD has been completed from the pressing plant and some CDs has been landed on the lovely land (We're still waiting though for the other package being sent huh!). Oh ya for the tape has been ready as well and we're gonna put up the download codes as well in case you hardly need em to jam digitally. And the cds and tapes gonna be released on July 7th 2015 so mark em into your calendar.
So another shit that we wanna inform that there are two tracks being given away for free that being included as well to "Slurp". Snag them below! Enjoy!