Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

The Tape Re-release of Colour Me Wednesday's "I Thought It Was Morning"

And the second good news we have is that we're goona re-release a debut album of UK's hot indie/punk act, Colour Me Wednesday!
So yes this is confirmed that Rizkan Records is gonna release their debut album "I Thought It Was Morning" on tape (Which previously released on vinyl and CD). Well if you haven't noticed them yet, let's imagine when Lemuria taking too much Indie Pop dose for their tunes and you also can find some Lily Allen's reaggae alike. Well, please have a listen their tunes below if you're so curious.

Coming Soon An EP From The Spikeweed This Year!

So... While waiting our releases to come out, we would like to announce you some certain plans ahead. We got two roster who are ready to put out some releases here...
First we'll have The Jakarta Ramones Boy, The Spikeweed! Yes we're gonna participate for being one of the label who's gonna release their upcoming EP along with some other rad labels like Sonic Pop! Records and Planktones Music. The EP itself expected to be released on the end of the year!
So for the fans of The Lilingtones, The Huntingtons, Teenage Bottlerocket, to Screeching Weasel, this is a must buy tape I tell you!

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

The Tape Has Been Fucking Arrived From The Pressing Plant!

Yes! The tape duplication for Saturday Night Karaoke 'Discography' and The Frankenstone 'Don't Be Sad Don't Be Gloom The Frankenstone Is Ugly 'has been arrived from the pressing plant. Feeling lucky we got a white milk classic look tape for those two releases. And now we're gonna working on the cover. Yes we're trying to be a turbo for this!