Selasa, 01 November 2016

Out Now! San-Ei/Whyvu Split For Free Download!

Artists : San-Ei & Whyvu
Album : Miyagi's Death Blow
Price : Its Absolutely Free Fellaz!

Hell, I can say that this is one of a so called return catalogue from the label after couple of months being productively release nothing lol. And San-Ei is return! Though you know this guy is totally crap big timely and making its return by doing a split with Whyvu. So who the hell is Whyvu?? Whyvu is a moniker solo project of Brian Saturday Night Karaoke in order of releasing its beast toward idol scene.
And for this one, you guys no need to pay anything for this stuff, its absolutely free! And we dont produce it on physical for this one. And thanks for listening aaannndd thanks again for being patient enough to hear our crappy tunes.

01. San-Ei - Larry
02. Whyvu - Say Something
03. Whyvu - Smileing (Shimamura Uzuki Cover)
04. San-Ei - Ache (Jawbreaker Cover)

Download Link :

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