Rabu, 02 November 2016

Coming Soon! Saturday Night Karaoke x Grim Deeds The Vnholy Split

Ok! So the next stuff we're gonna have a split tape of Saturday Night Karaoke and Grim Deeds. In summary this is our 25th cataloges after several months operating ons this such a fukked up world. Ain't gonna tell ya about how good Saturday Night Karaoke is, in fact FTFO Descendents or The Ergs, sooner or later you're gonna put a 'like' on their facebook page. Aannnddd Grim Deeds, first you gotta behold your mind on putting out the questions 'Who the F@!# this guys is?!' cause Grim Deeds is a super-productive-pop-punk lord from the abyss of Foster City. None of us shall ever denied its productivy for putting out 6 vnholy full length in a one filthy year aarrrggghhh!
This split will be out on tape format including the download code inside for the 21st century digitalboy who deserve the split in digital format.

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