Selasa, 07 Juli 2015

Out Now Saturday Night Karaoke "Slurp!"

Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke
Album : Slurp!
Price : Rp 25.000 & Rp 20.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

2015 is fukking amazing cause Saturday Night Karaoke is back to put out a good good tunes to hear. And this time they got released by a good Japanese label, SP Records, and proudly being announced that Rizkan Records take a part to co-release the album on tape! To be noted that the songs are re-recorded and some are new with a better sound to hear trust me!

Side A :
01.Acil Hates Us
02.Flamming Adolescent-Passion
03.Anthem For The Grown Up Kobo Kun
04.Not FB
05.Indie Rock 101 (How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 10 Minutes)
06.Took 18 Minutes
Side B :
08.Freshmen Year Sucks
10.Blah Rizkan
11.90's Revival 101 (How To Elaborate A Brokenheart With A Big Muff)

*Including The Digital Download Ticket Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email -
BBM - 51843585

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