Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

Geekmonger Collective Presents GAWKING GEEK LIVE MUSIC !!

Hi! Our best bud, Saturday Night Karaoke, gonna have a gig this month. Gonna have several great buds playing there as well. Total stoked about it!

So here's some details about the gig
It will be held at February 27th 2016
And for the venue you can contact the guys of Saturday Night Karaoke as the following details
Phone/WA - 0812-2244-3946
Email - prabu.pramayougha@gmail.com

And some pals that gonna mess the shit up
Saturday Night Karaoke - Your friendly neighborhood pop punk hero. FTFO The Ergs, Descendents, AKB48, lets dance with them!
Aggi - Hipster villain, trve pop catasthrophe, intercontinental indiepop champ. They have released several singles, an EP, a split, they're totally too wild for an indiepop standard.
Uncanny - A high flyer indierock champs. Their current single is totally kickin! FTFO Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, and Blu Radio, you'll love them
The Spikeweed - Ramonescore luchadore from Mampang-Jakarta, signing Downstroke Legdrop as their signature move, married soon!
Billy The Klitz - Pop punk tag team champion, #1-ramonescore-cabang-Bekasi-dan-sekitarnya band. FTFO Mr T Experience or Nerd Gets The Girl, you'll love them.
Down The Block - Bandung lightheavyweight pop punk champ, Ramones To The Bone killer act. FTFO Green Day Lookout era, you'll love them.

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