Sabtu, 04 November 2017

Out Now Felix! (The Band) / Saturday Night Karaoke Split 'Yes Band Photo Tape Vol 01'

Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke / Felix! (The Band)
Album : Split ' Yes Band Photo Tape Vol 01'
Price : Rp 25.000 for each & Rp 20.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

Finally unleashed a pop punk split nuke from Saturday Night Karaoke and Felix! (The Band)! This split tape contains 12 new songs for each band as Felix! represent a better and more melodious song writing since their debut full length and Saturday Night Karaoke presents you a more poppy stuffs. Nuff said these both bands is at its best on this stuff.
To date, this is the stuff Saturday could ever put since the band disbanded months ago on Felix! Indonesian tour. This is a second press since the first one is out by Geekmonger Records and sold out and CD is available via Waterslide Records. Grab it while you can!

Side A (Felix!) :
01. Back To You
02. I'm Always All Alone
03. Job
04. Pop Punk Records
05. Baby Dont Love Me No More
06. Took 18 Minutes To Write This One (Saturday Night Karaoke Cover)

Side B (Saturday Night Karaoke) :
01. Rizkan Records Corporate Anthem
02. Bam Bam Bam
03. D(((o)))rama Free Youth
04. SSFLMD Final
05. Ikanai!
06. Everywhere You Go (Felix! Cover)

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  2. mau ngasih tau aja nih om rizkan, split snk sama felix yg di bandcamp yg lagu snk judul rizkan records anthem itu gak full (masa cuma 1detik durasinya)
    terus lagu snk yg ssflmd itu pas diplay isinya lagu ikanai sedangkan yg lagu ikanai diplay isinya kyaknya lagu ssflmd jdi 2 lagu itu ketuker spertinya hehe...
    sekian informasi dri saya smoga diperbaiki track track yg salah tdi, thanks rizkan records.