Rabu, 14 Februari 2018

Out Now Shorthand Phonetics/San-Ei Split

Artist : Shorthand Phonetics / San-Ei
Album : Split
Price : Free As Fukk

Its actually hard to write such notes for my own stuff actually (Really man you gotta try it once lol) but its been an honour for me having my crappy folk project, San-Ei, doing a split with the inspirational Shorthand Phonetics. Just fucking admit that this dude has started too fukkin early, like back before you can hear everyone moarns on Eleventwelfth's songs or everyone starts to collect Run For Cover catalogues.
Well I bet you're gonna hear a simply fun split, but to be honest THIS FUN AS HELL NUFF SAID!

Tracklist :
01. San-Ei - Tummo
02. Shorthand Phonetics - Dang

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