Sabtu, 01 November 2014

Out Now The Frankenstone "Don't Be Sad, Don't Be Gloom, The Frankenstone Is Ugly"

Artist : The Frankenstone
Album : Don't Be Sad, Don't Be Gloom, The Frankenstone Is Ugly
Price : Rp 20.000 & Rp 15.000 for the wholesale (Excluding Shipping)

The reason why we pick to reissue their first album is first because The Frankenstone is one of the most genius yet the dummiest band ever! And then this album has introduced me their very unique sound! Let say when you're thinking The Soviettes or The Runways has a male forefront. Forget about Jack Black's School of Rock, this album really know how to teach you to rock the fuck out!

Side A:

01 Beat Box Rock
02 Spend Away
03 Don't Mess With The Time Bomb
04 You'll Never Know
05 Fever
06 Leave Me Radio
07 Ordinary Love Song
08 The Pink
09 I Try To Be A Good Boy But I'm Fucked
10 Ain't Talkin' About You
Side B:
11 I Got A Problem With My Health
12 Can't Take It Anymore
13 Uncomercialized Prostitute
14 When I'm Getting Old
15 Come Back Home Lonely Boy
16 Youthful Culture
17 Longway To Nowhere
18 In My Bed Tonight
19 Float

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