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Out Now Saturday Night Karaoke "Discography"!

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Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke
Album : Discography
Price : Rp 20.000 & Rp 15.000 for the wholesale (Excluding Shipping)

We are really excited to announce our first transition ever for the label! Yes we pick Saturday Night Karaoke's Discography as the first and the most lovely one to pick. This tape contains tracks from the unreleased, EP's, and Cover Album for their entire carrer. For the fans of The Ergs or Descendents (Epitaph era and beyond), this is a local stuff you should have! Yet the band is no longer active, I consider this tape is a tribute. Enjoy!

Side A:
01 Flaming Adolescent Passion On A Red Hair Chick From The Other Side Of The World
02 S.I.A.T.
03 Discipline Girl 3
04 Totally Ass
05 It Took 18 Minutes To Write This One (Crapcoustic)
06 First Tune, 5 Chords, 4 Instruments, 3 Guys
07 Theme For Jocks Holocaust
08 Fresh Man Year Sucks
09 Kumar Vs Abraham
10 Took 18 Minutes To Write This One
11 ALL (Descendents Cover)
12 No ALL! (Descendents Cover)
13 First Song, Side One - A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part II (The Ergs Cover)
14 Kind Of Like Smitten (The Ergs Cover)
15 Introducing Morissey (The Ergs Cover)
16 FM Year Sucks (Boredcoustic)
17 Flaming Adolescent On An Acoustic Guitar
18 Not FB
19 Indie Rock 101 - How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes
Side B:
20 Raspberry Chupa Chups Forever
21 So Anyway...
22 Caroline Andersen
23 Spazz Jazz
24 P.S. I'm Sorry
25 Not FB Live at #LemuriaJkt
26 Exp #27 : How To Execute A Mushy Tune Abruptly And Efficiently Live at #LemuriaJkt
27 Flamming Adolescent Live at #LemuriaJkt
28 Bridge Live at #LemuriaJkt
29 Indie Rock 101 - How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes Live at #LemuriaJkt
30 Hi Rena! Live at #LemuriaJkt
31 Futari Nori no Jitensha (Jkt48 Cover) Live at #LemuriaJkt
32 Fresh Man Year Sucks Live at #LemuriaJkt
33 Keep On Dancing! Live at #LemuriaJkt

For order please contact :
Sms/Phonecall - 088808532434
Email -

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