Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Rizkan Records Occupy Bandcamp!

Heyya! It's been a long time for not doing an update for the sites. And guess what? We're not just lay our ass down and doing nothing! Cause we now have established our own bandcamp sites! Yay! The whole releases from the very first catalogue of this label to the current one could be streamed there for free! (Except some Saturday Night Karaoke and Prabu Pramayougha catalogue cause we'll have some bombs for you to be shocked hehe).
And please take a note a bit that some albums are priced there for $ 1,000 and some clarification we would write that we don't mean to put up the release onto that shitty price in fact that we face a problem that some catalogues are mean to be made for streaming only but the bandcamp apps doesn't allow us to lay our shit for the streaming only album! So we have a stupid mind to put up the highest price in result to not let anyone our shit from the bandcamp apps. So I hope you guys can understand that we're not an asshole who tries to rip off our own friends.
And further we'll announce some crazy shit that we're gonna do in a very close time. Meanwhile enjoy shit for the wholeday stream at

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