Sabtu, 04 April 2015

Updatees And Saturday Night Karaoke's New Album! YAY!

Awkay, such a long long updatees since our last release, a full length of Colour Me Wednesday, then here comes another big news to come into your screen. We would like to be so fucking glad knowing that one of our favourite things, Saturday Night Karaoke, stated to re-form, composing songs, aaannnnddd RELEASE A NEW ALBUM! What a bright 2015 it is!
The album itself will be originally released by a japanese pop punk label, SP Records! And as the profile goes, the label has so far released many magnificent stuffs like full length of Peach Kelly Pop, or the EP of Munchie Girls, to the album of the legendary bubblegum pop punk like Nerd Gets The Girl. And of course such an honorable thing to see one of pal will be released by the label.
And the album will be released on CD by SP Records and Rizkan Records will have a co-release on tape version! The progress of the album has been told finishing its mastering phase and doing an artwork now and big chance for me to put out the this records first and then Ghost Mice full length few days later :)
Cant wait to hear the album as well and checkout our twitter site for a brief updatees! Cheers!

Oh ya in case you're about to order the album from SP Records. Go dig em at these sites
Facebook Page -
Website -

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