Jumat, 04 September 2015

Coming Soon As Well... Martha's 'Courting Strong' Full Length Re-release

Shit... Cant believe it actually that I'm gonna have an opportunity to re-release Martha's full length 'Courting Strong' on tapes YAY! Well... If you haven't known about them yet, these guys are not the new guys to the scene. There are two guys from the legendary folk hero, Onsind, and a frontgirl from Durham based feministpop act, No Ditching. Musically I can describe them if you have an addictive pop punk melodies blend up with the harmonious indiepop jaggling guitar and up beat drummings that will get your feet moving.
Been touring along with notable acts like Delay, Spoonboy, Dogbreth, etc and did a slot for Glasto this year doesnt make the band getting lazy, they are now prepare for a split and UK tourwith Philly lovely indie rock act, Radiator Hospital. Okay if you're so curious about the tunes, you can check it below.

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