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News : Sruputus Maximus (Saturday Night Karaoke's 'Slurp!' Release Party)

After having a java tour, the great wota pop punk guys from Bandung, Saturday Night Karaoke, greets the world with a release party entitled 'Sruputus Maximus' (Well 'greets the world', I think that is too much if you dont think about Grammy kinda thing).
The gig itself will be held at these details

Lapangan Basket FIB Unpad
September 12th 2015
04.00-08.00 PM
Ticket : Pay-As-You-Want-Donation

Okay then, there will be some friends who are going to rock the fuck out this gig such as.

A deadly pop band from Jakarta, releasing 1 EP and 1 single, this guys is such a heavy breed killer for Jakarta's pop scene. Three chords twee, flat voices, under-2-minute-song, and killer vocal harmony, has put the guys on the top of the scene. Wait for their oncoming split with Saturday Night Karaoke this year!
Stream the shit here

Uncanny is a noisy indie rock outfit from Bandung. Though the band has just recorded their single, but this one has taken a milestone for the band itself for their integrity. The guys will just set you on fire. Harsh noisy guitar, shouting vocal, and the upbeat indierock drummings, these guys will proove you how they gonna rock the fuck out the gig.
Stream the shit here

CC.The Verlived Orchestra
And we got a hardcore band on this gig finally! Yes I can say they're probably the loudest on the party, The Verlived Orchestra! This skramz guys previously released a split with such bands like Inquiry Last Scenery and Sifulan before, some demos, and an EP. For the fans of Raein to Neil Perry, you should watch them.
Stream the shit here

The next one we have Torpedoest on the line-up. These guys play an intense political punk rock in the vein of Bad Religion to Rise Against. Currently, the released one full length entitled 'New Modes of War' and this one is an intense shit to be put on the gig as well.
Stream the shit here

EE.The Spikeweed
Last but not least, we got one of the notorious ramonescore act on the list, The Spikeweed. These guys has release several EPs and one full length and it has made them being 'accountable' for the Jakarta pop punk scene. I'll be make sure that they will put their jacket on at this gig.
Stream the shit here

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