Jumat, 04 September 2015

Coming Up Soon! Block Fort's EP 'Fine City Fuck Ups

Hey its been a while not blogging this ark since the SNK's Slurp haha... Yea we are really glad to announce our upcoming project. And now we have Norwich indie/pop punx sweetness, BLOCK FORT! And this time I'm really pleased that we're gonna re-release their EP 'Fine City Fuck Ups' on tapes.
I cant tell you much about how sweet they are but I kinda have testimonial about how musically they are. Well think when Nana Grizol's spirit blend up with the sweetness of Lemuria's melody. Recently, the band has been put up to have a UK tour and playing along notable act like The Tuts this time around.
Really curious about them? Please get yourself tuned below.

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